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Manifest Season 5: Everything You Need To Know

The long-awaited fourth season of Manifest premiered on Netflix last Friday (4), 17 months after the end of the third wave, which would be the last if the streaming giant did not come to the rescue. Anyone who has already devoured the ten episodes released asks himself: will there be a manifest season 5? The answer is no and yes. Let’s have a look and how it will be laid out.

Officially, Netflix has resurrected Manifest for just one season, the fourth consisting of 20 episodes. This generous order was implemented to apply a different launch strategy to the supernatural drama than the company’s standard, made with Stranger Things 4 this year: dividing a season into two parts. There are seven chapters more than the respective two previous installments.

So, there are ten episodes to go, which still need to win a premiere date on the platform. Technically, this remainder is part of the fourth season, a volume two. However, Manifest creator Jeff Rake thinks differently.

In the original idea, Rake wanted to do six seasons. He developed the last episodes of the drama as if they were two seasons of ten episodes each, the fourth and fifth. After the third wave, it would take 45 episodes or so to reach the final point.

As Netflix offered 20 episodes, the creator had to trim some stories and cut plot situations. In this way, he could fit everything he needed to tell into this order to complete the narrative as he envisioned it at the beginning of the project. So, manifest season 5 will be contained in part two of the fourth season.

Manifest Season 5: Mysteries To Be Solved

While part 2 of Manifest’s fourth and final season is not released, we can reflect on the answers that the Netflix series should bring in the last episodes.

5. What will happen after Zeke dies?

In the last episode of the first part of season 4 of Manifest, we saw that Zeke ((Matt Long) used his power to absorb the cancer of Cal (Ty Doran), who was already in a terminal state. The young man survived the disease, while Zeke quickly fell ill and died.

Now, the series needs to show what the consequences of this will be in terms of what the callings want and whether Cal’s survival was meant to happen. Also, Michaela is now a widow and maybe resume her relationship with Jared (J.R. Ramirez).

4. Was Cal cured of cancer?

Manifest will also answer if Cal was cured of his cancer again, which he already did after the flight, or if it’s temporary. After Zeke absorbs the disease for him, now the series needs to explain how this happened and if there is still a chance that Cal will undergo some more change and cancer will end up returning.

3. Why did Cal age five years?

Cal is the most important character in Manifest. Therefore the main events in the series revolve around him. In the final part, the series should be able to clearly explain how the young man managed to disappear and return to the age he would have been five years after the flight disappeared. After all, was this supposed to happen, or was it an accident?

2. What are callings?

The question that hasn’t been answered since the beginning of the last season of Manifest is: what are the calls? These mysterious voices and visions have happened since the series’ first episode with all the passengers on the flight. Finally, then, we will know the motivation of the calls and if they will one day cease to happen.

1. God or science?

Finally, Manifest should bring definitive answers if everything happening in the series results from divine forces or is pure science fiction. So far, the characters have found evidence of both factors, which could mean a balance between the real and the supernatural.

The first part of season 4 of Manifest is now available on Netflix.



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