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Secrets of Sulfur Springs Season 3: A Look Ahead

Created by Tracey Thomson, ‘Secrets of Sulfur Springs’ is a mystery-drama TV series that follows 12-year-old Griffin, who moves to Sulfur Springs, Louisiana, after his father gets a new job. The family moves into a dilapidated hotel called The Tremont to repair and reopen it, but they soon hear rumors that it may be haunted. So Griffin and his new friend Harper start investigating and discover a mysterious portal that transports them back to 1990.

The pair then set out to find out what happened to Savannah Dillon, the girl who is supposed to haunt the hotel in the present. They also unravel family secrets that change everyone’s lives in the mysterious town. Since its premiere in January 2021, the show has received a lot of love from fans for its engaging storytelling and performances. Naturally, fans are now curious as to whether they will be a season 3. If you are a fan looking for the same information, you are in the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Secrets of Sulfur Springs’ Season 3!

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Release Date

The second season of ‘Secrets of Sulfur Springs’ arrived on January 14, 2022, on Disney Channel. It concluded its run on February 25, 2022, comprising eight episodes, lasting 21 to 26 minutes each.

Now, this is what we can divulge about Season 3! Fans can rejoice, as on February 7, 2022, Disney Channel officially renewed the show for a third season during the Television Critics Association’s Winter Press Tour. The season will premiere on March 24, 2023.

Secrets of Sulfur Springs Season 3 Cast: Who might be in it?

Season three will see Preston Oliver and Kyliegh Curran reprise the roles of Griffin and Harper, the two adventurous young best friends. Curran will also play Daisy Tremont, Harper’s great-grandmother, as a young teenager. Elle Graham is also set to return as Savannah, the duo’s supernatural friend. Additionally, Madeleine McGraw and Landon Gordon will appear as Zoey and Wyatt, Griffin’s younger twin siblings, and Josh Braaten as their father, Bennett.

Other cast members likely to reprise their roles include Kelly Frye (Sarah), Diandra Lyle (Jessica), Johari Washington (Topher), Robert Manning Jr. (Elijah), Ethan Hutchinson and Eugene Byrd (Sam; adult Sam in 1962), Jillian Batherson (Caroline) and Jim Gleason (Bennett Campbell Sr).

Secrets of Sulfur Springs Season 3 Plot: What could it be?

In season two of ‘Secrets of Sulfur Springs,’ Griffin, Harper, and Savannah discover that the real ghost haunting the Tremont is Daisy, Harper’s look-alike great-grandmother. Not only does she haunt the hotel in the present, but she also causes trouble for Savannah in 1962. So the three friends decide to follow her and travel back to the 1930s to learn more about Harper’s family’s connection to The Tremont. However, the crystal powering the time machine is accidentally removed, and Harper is trapped in the 1930s, where she meets Daisy’s brother Sam and father Elijah.

Meanwhile, Daisy is trapped in the present, and she and Harper struggle to assume each other’s identities. Elsewhere, Griffin begins looking for the crystal, and Zoey and Wyatt start investigating the ghost with Topher’s help. Sam meets Savannah in the 1962 timeline, and she helps him with his Time Machine, after which he travels to the future.

On the other hand, Harper discovers the injustices against her family in the past and how their land was taken away. She tells Griffin about everything she’s learned about the Tremont’s history. Daisy and Griffin finally find the crystal and race to the time machine, and Harper returns to the present. In the second-season finale, Harper and Griffin’s families prepare to welcome visitors back to their hotel, as the pair learn that the crystal may soon be destroyed and stop the Time Machine.

Season 3 will likely pick up from here and reveal whether or not the Time Machine was stopped. It will further show Griffin and Harper’s efforts to save the crystal and link the Tremont family’s past to the present. Other story arcs that will be expanded upon include the implications of Sam’s visit to the future for everyone, whether or not Savannah decides to follow him, and what happens after the hotel reopens in the present.

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