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The Last of Us: Who Are Bill And Frank?

The Last of Us, HBO Max, returns next Sunday, featuring an extended episode and the spotlight on Bill and Frank. Who are these two characters?

In the teaser for episode 3, we have a highlight for the duo Bill and Frank, with hints of what is to come from now on. In the last episode, Tess asks Joel to look for Bill and Frank, and the music from Episode 1 hints at potential danger when Joel and Ellie catch up with the two.

Who are Bill and Frank in The Last of Us?

Episode 1 Ellie saw a radio in Joel’s apartment with a catalog of hits, indicating that 60’s music means nothing, 70’s new products and 80’s, danger. This ties in somewhat with Bill and Frank, with the two providing useful objects and goods for Joel and Tess should their smuggling job take them out of Boston’s quarantine zone. The code is a way to get in touch with Joel and Tess.

Something already confirmed is that their story will differ slightly from the game. In the game, when Joel and Ellie arrive in Bill’s town, Ellie is left alone. Frank’s name comes up, but he is only seen once as a corpse, killed after trying to leave Bill and town. Their relationship is hinted at but has yet to explore fully.

Neil Druckmann made it clear that the story between Bill and Frank will be changed to emphasize their relationship, explaining a mystery in the game about whether Bill and Frank were romantically involved. While there is evidence to suggest that it is, the story will be expanded, with a timeline jump to explore Frank and Bill’s love.

Why do Joel and Ellie need Bill and Frank’s help?

Primarily, one of the questions left after Episode 2 is why Ellie and Joel are going to Frank and Bill’s house. Tess asked Joel before dying to take Ellie to Bill and Frank so that they could take on the mission of delivering Ellie to the Fireflies. As a result, the reason is that Bill and Frank lead life outside Boston’s quarantine zone, getting to know the outside world better.

Above all, since there is no FEDRA control, Frank and Bill have more freedom of movement and access to materials that can help with the journey. Cars, weapons, and other valuable items like medical supplies.

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