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The Umbrella Academy Season 4 Will Return To the Main Timeline

The fourth season of The Umbrella Academy will be the last one, so there is a theory on the internet that the best ending for it would be to return to the original timeline.

The series is based on the comics by Gerard Way and tells the story of the super-powered Hargreeves brothers, who resist accepting their place at the Umbrella Academy.

The brothers faced the end of the world in each season. Since then, every attempt to return to the original timeline has only created more problems.

With season four being the last, this is the last chance for the series to get things right.

It’s important to note that the inclusion of Sir Reginald Hargreeves in the final season means that the brothers will finally be able to get answers to their questions.

However, as the last season will be shorter, the plot should only have time to wrap up the stories and correct the timeline.

The Umbrella Academy Season 4 Will Return To the Main Timeline

Why Would It Be Interesting To Return To The Season 1 Timeline?

Virtually all solutions related to time travel problems in film and television are found when the characters return to the point where the issues haven’t happened yet.

And Why Would Season 1’s Timeline Be The Best Fit For The Series?

Not only would it make more sense logistically for the Hargreeves to go back to the original timeline, but it would also work better thematically.

Part of the show’s appeal is the confusing family dynamics and people with complicated emotions just trying to do their best — and often failing at it.

Audiences followed the journey of the Hargreeves brothers and saw them grow into better versions of themselves. Thus, returning to the beginning would come full circle, throwing these changed individuals into their old lives.

The Umbrella Academy Season 4 Will Return To the Main Timeline

Seeing them sent back to where they were in Season 1 is the best way to show their growth. Also, the fix for the season 4 timeline may already have been revealed with Televator.

The Televator is a creation of Sir Reginald Hargreeves that allows individuals to travel through space and time. Its existence was hinted at in season two when the audience caught a glimpse of a patent for it.

Without the Commission’s powers and access, the Televator could be The Umbrella Academy’s last chance to come full circle.



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